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August, 2012


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About Allegra

Allegra Furniture and Interior brand is own by Indonesian company UD. Krya Mitra Perkasa which is based in Bali, Indonesia. The company was founded by Zanny Chandra and Reny Martani. The couple lived in the United States of America where they started their venture in furniture import/export.

When the couple returned to Indonesia in 2008, they chose to reside in the Art-Mecca island of Bali and followed their passion in furniture and interior design. Inspired by the abundant natural materials available and the creative aora of Bali, the couple then founded Allegra Interiors and specialized themself in producing furniture and Interior decoration materials.

Our Clients have included companies within and outside of Indonesia, ranging from individuals, interior designers, and hospitality industry professionals.

We offer professional service, and our sole aim is customer satisfaction.